Text Box:  

Text Box: SC-20 Self-Contained Compactor

Text Box: Minimum Recommended Requirements:
 Concrete Pad: 10 x 20 (May be made larger to suit)
       4,000 PSI Reinforced, 6 Thick

Text Box: Installation Requirements

Text Box:  80% & 100% Full Indicator Lights       NEMA 4 Control Enclosure
 Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Hoses      Guide Rails & Stops
 Pressure Gage                                           4-Inch Clean Out

Text Box: Minimum Clearance Requirements:
 12 From Back of Compactor to Wall
 36 From Right & Left of Compactor to Wall

Text Box: Available Options

Text Box: All Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Text Box: Standard Features

Text Box:  Hoppers & Enclosures -  Any Configuration       Power Unit Cover
 Interlock and Security Doors                           Remote Operation
 Oil Heater      Custom Sizes


Text Box: Illustration for reference only